My experience at Idumota market, Lagos

I decided I was going to explore Idumota market and find way to the market using the public transport system. It is remarkable how eager people are to give directions at every bus stop. I realised I was not the only stranger as I heard others asking for directions at the bus stop and in the bus.

On getting to the market, The road was coloured with yellow buses creating a backlog of traffic. I got off the bus at this point, the human traffic was something out of an invasion movie. I realised I cant take more than one step per two seconds at my peak and less in high congested areas of the market.

There was so much to see per second, I was blinking faster than normal to absorb the flow of information to my brain. In the midst of the foot traffic there were merchants singing to get attention to their products, some were shouting to get attention and the others had interesting marketing gimmicks. I was truly impressed with their ingenuity.

I finally reached over head bridge which I climbed to take the picture above at the mid section. The task to find a white cotton bathroom floor mat was what I tasked myself, as I believe finding this mat means I can find any item.

It was a long walk as I kept asking around was directed deeper into the market at each stop. At this point my legs were aching and I was exhausted. I took a look at my watch and to my disbelief two hours had gone. It was at this point I saw a merchant selling towels, I asked for the item and the seller said she had it I should give her a minute. Anytime a merchant says give me a minute it probably means two things; its either in a warehouse or the merchant is going to source it from another merchant. The second option would cost you slightly more than the market price but it is worth the price to avoid more stress.

The delight on my face, when the merchant arrived with a pack of the supposed item. She handed it over and I was ecstatic because it was exactly the item I requested.  

On that note, you can find any item in Idumota. To avoid stress take a sample/Picture on your mobile phone if possible to make your discovery time faster.

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