Welcome to Lagos

Ekaabo(Welcome) to the city that welcomes all


The centre of excellence, concrete jungle and melting pot of Nigeria. Just like a jungle, those who know the right path to follow and the unwritten laws of the jungle survive and thrive.

Lagosians are simple to understand, yet it is easy to get lost and confused with the simplicity of my people.

Tales of Lagos  told to kids and adults in times past about a city with roads made of gold and walls lined with gold like the famous mythical Eldorado city. It took many years for me to understand that the description of the street made up of gold was figurative and meant that the city was filled with opportunities. Those who work hard and take hold of opportunities always have a tale of success to tell.

Lagos is the most beautiful city in West Africa. It’s a city full of life, energy, activities, art, organized and chaotic at the same time.

It’s a melting pot because people from diverse parts of Nigeria, Africa and the world co-exist peacefully.

Home to many, vacation to others, business and work for some, relaxation and pleasure for most. There’s something I always say to my friends it’s ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE not to have a good time in Lagos. There’s always something exciting to do ranging from Heritage festivals, Concerts, Comedy shows, Stage Plays, Operas,  Parties, a new Restaurant to try, Art Exhibitions, an Awareness walk, Attraction visits, and the list goes on.

Subsequently, we have taken our time to create this blog dedicated to guiding visitors and making their on-boarding to our city smooth.

Each topic would hold information and life experiences of visitors to quickly understand the culture and Lagos life.

Content writer: Gbemisola Oginni      Instagram @baymeginny

Editor: Adebule Oluwasegun




Lagos also called “Lasgidi” or “Gidi” is a vibrant megacity and a melting pot of many different cultures, ethnicities, languages and religions.

Lagos is very diverse and has many faces.

This is what makes it so unique, appealing and lovable.

Lagos is a City that never sleeps and has so much to offer, there is so much to do, so many places to discover, a range of events to visit.

Immerse yourself in a city, which will mesmerize you!

Clara Atarodo, Travelblogger

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