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Some of our tour locations include

Ancient Ruin Tour  

Sungbo Eredo, Epe:

Sungbo Eredo is a system of defensive walls and ditches that is located to the southwest of the Yoruba town of Ijebu Ode in Ogun State, southwest Nigeria  WikiMiniAtlas. The locals believe it was built by Queen Bilikisu Sungbo. The Eredo served a defensive purpose when it was built in 800–1000, a period of political confrontation and consolidation in the southern Nigerian rainforest. It was likely to have been inspired by the same process that led to the construction of similar walls and ditches throughout western Nigeria, including earthworks around Ifẹ̀, Ilesa, and the Benin Iya, a 6,500-kilometre (4,000 mi) series of connected but separate earthworks in the neighboring Edo-speaking region. Total length of fortifications is more than 160 kilometres (99 mi). Fortifications consist of a ditch with unusually smooth walls and bank in the inner side of ditch. The height difference between the bottom of the ditch and the upper rim of the bank on the inner side can reach 20 metres (66 ft). Works have been performed in laterite, a typical African soil consisting of clay and iron oxides. Ditch forms an uneven ring around the area of the ancient Ijebu Kingdom, an area approximately 40 kilometres (25 mi) wide in north-south, with the walls flanked by trees and other vegetation, turning the ditch into green tunnel.

Sungbo Eredo has also been connected with the legend of the Queen of Sheba which is recounted in both the Bible and Quran. In the Hebrew Bible, she is described as having sent a caravan of gold, ivory and other goods from her kingdom to Solomon

Epe Fish Market

Slave Route Tour 

1. Badagry heritage Museum (Transatlantic slave trade)

2. First Storey Building in Nigeria (Advent of Christianity in Nigeria)

3. Mobee Family Slave Relics (family museum on the transatlantic slave trade)

4. Brazilian Baracoon of Chief Seriki Williams Abass (a compound with 40 slave cells)

5. Point of No Return ( this will include a boat ride to the beach were enslaved Africans were transported)

6. Agia Tree Monument (where christianity was first preached in Nigeria)

7. Vlekete Slave Market ( the popular slave market in Badagry district)

8. Sightseeing of other attractions in Badagry such as Building with the Brazillian Architectural Design, Akran’s Palace, cultural places (zangbeto shrine), etc.

Monuments Tour

Lagos has a series of beautiful monuments scattered round the state. We have carefully selected monuments that would be of interest to tourist. Our tour guide would ensure tourists get the best selfies

Art Scene Tour

This tour consist of tour to explore the local art in Nigeria. The places covered would be as follows:

  1. The National Museum
  2. Signature Beyond Gallery
  3. Omenka Gallery
  4. Nike Art Gallery

Tourist would be able to see a wide range of ancient to modern Nigerian art. Expected art works are Uli art, Nok art, Igbo-Ukwu art, Ibibi art and much more

Social Tours

Lagos comes alive at night and we have this packaged designed for individual’s that want to experience the best of Lagos from local hangouts to high-end clubs.

We offer Armed security escort and executive transportation at request. Transportation can be a sedans, SUV, mini bus or a coach.




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