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Lagos travel guide on the best things to do in Lagos, ekocityguide reviews restaurants, attractions, nightlife, clubs, bars, hotels, events and shopping in Lagos.

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Top 11 attractions in Lagos are as follows;

  1. Surfing: Lagos has one of the best shorelines to surf as said by Alan Van Gysen.  Takwa Bay is your best place to surf with a surfing school and rentable gear.
  2. Kayaking: You can rent a kayak at Omu resort or click on the kayaking link to rent a kayak in Ikoyi. The Ikoyi option gives you access to kayak round lekki or Ikoyi.
  3. Freedom Park: This is a place for art and music lovers. Every last Friday of the month is the best time to visit the park. There is also an historical museum in the park.
  4. Monuments: We have created a little puzzle for explorers to play. At the end of every answer lies a monument.
  5. Fela’s Shrine: The man, the legend and coroner of afro beats Fela lives on at the new afrika shrine and kalakuta museum. He fought the government for the people through his songs and was punished severely.
  6. National Theatre: Architectural masterpiece built in the shape of a military hat. It is believed to represent the hat of a our Late military president.
  7. National Museum: The museum has in its collection archaeological, ethnographic and natural history objects some of which dates back 2000 years.
  8. Sugbo Eredo: Sungbo eredo is a lost ancient Yoruba city known for its long and deep defensive wall.
  9. Jaekel House: This is a historical museum.
  10. Omu Amusement Park and zoo: The resort houses the only residential Lion in Lagos. It is a good place to relax with friends/and family.
  11. Scuba Diving: Learn how to dive and explore the corals reef off the coast of Lagos.
Restaurants in Lagos

Good food

You can find restaurants that serve dishes from the each continent of the world.

Explore restaurants in Lagos by clicking HERE. Please ensure you share your experience here.

My best restaurant in Lagos is Craft Goumet by Lou Baker.

Be happy in Lagos

Outings in Lagos

There are fun activities for anyone and everyone in Lagos. You can check out our guide: xtreme fun category or parks category

Lagos is the capital of parties in Nigeria


Every night club comes with its unique ambience. To truly experience partying, i would suggest you go for a concert or visit several night clubs in a night.  

It would be really good to experience a Lagos birthday party or wedding (Owambe). Owambe’s are the real deal!

There is no party like a Lagos party!



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