Is it safe to travel to Lagos, Nigeria?

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Do you have plans of visiting Lagos soon? Relax and read the article.

Lagos is like any populated city in the world (London, New York ,Paris, or Mumbai  with a twist). I would say not as developed as the names I mentioned before but good enough to live a good life.

As with any populated city there are areas for the super rich, rich, middle class and the poor.

Some areas can contain both middle class and lower-income people.

Generally, it is easy to say areas associated with wealth are extremely safe and areas associated with poverty are relatively safe.

Let me give you a clearer example; Makoko is a floating community in Lagos with probably the highest level of poverty in Lagos. Moreover, despite the low standard of living, there has never been a case of robbery or foreigners being attacked. I would even suggest that the residents enjoy having foreigners over in the hope that it can bring developments or hand-me-down items.

I would say several areas exist where a local to say the least would not be safe wondering about at odd hours of the Night and sometimes in the day eg Lagos Island, Mushin, Oshodi and parts of Ikorudu.

Places like Ikeja, Yaba, Surulere, Festac, Lekki, Victoria Island, Ikoyi are very safe with several police checkpoints popping up on corners like pop ups.


People always say a lot of scammers work in Nigeria but the reality is scammers are everywhere. You should try to triple check any action by consulting with random educated locals, as they would always be eager to answer questions and give you guidance.

I have foreigners as friends living in Lagos and they always say Lagos life is sweet only the traffic is bad.

When next you’re considering visiting West Africa choose Lagos, Nigeria and visit Ekocityguide to explore uncharted destinations.

911, 112 and 127 are emergency numbers in the city.

Lagos is sweet!

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