Food markets in Lagos, Nigeria; Mile 12, Oyingbo, Balogun, Makoko, Epe..

Every local government area in Lagos has a market. There are three categories of market; Large, Medium and small. 

Small markets are further categorised to Night or Mixed market. The night market only opens in the evening and sells to 10pm at night. The mixed market occupants operate anytime of the day not exceeding 10pm.

The cheapest and best market to buy agricultural products from are the Large markets. Below is a list of notable markets in Lagos and which products can be found in the market.

  1. KETU|Mile 12: This is the largest market for agricultural products. Trailers of farm produce arrives at this market every hour to say the least. This is the best market to get a bargain on vegetables eg yams and tomatoes. Most sellers in other markets buy from this market. Products include fruits, vegetables, grains, oils, eggs, meat and fungi (Mushrooms). This market is located at Ketu|Mile 12 on Ikorodu expressway. Most products in this market come from the northern parts of the country
  2. Oyingbo: This market has a variety of farm produce example; Vegetables, snails, grains, oil and frozen seafood. Electronics, clothing and other house hold items are also sold in this market. Most products in this market come from the western and eastern parts of the country. This market is located at Oyingbo, Ebute Metta, Lagos.
  3. Mushin: This is a big market for other house hold items, electronics, furniture, frozen sea food and agricultural products. This is the best market to buy plantain, yam flour and dried cassava flakes (Garri).
  4.  Bajulaye: This market specializes in fruits only. Fruits and delivered to this market from farmers nationwide. This market is in the heart of Akoka, Lagos mainland.
  5. Agege Abbatoir: This is the largest market for livestock in Lagos. Cows, Bulls, Camels, Rams, Goats and sheep can be purchased in this market. Moreover, body parts of the animals can also be purchased here. Location: Agege.
  6.  Makoko Fish Market: This is a specialist market for fresh sea products such as fishs, turtles, crabs, prawns etc The best time to visit this market is 5am when the fishermen are offloading their catch. This market is located in Makoko.
  7. Epe Fish Market: Lovers of fresh sea products would love this market. The market is an old market that has been in existence for over 100 years. Fishermen bring in their catch of the day to sell in this market. This market is located in Epe, Lagos.
  8. Ijora: This market specializes in frozen food products like poultry and sea food. Food products grilling is an option available in this market. Location of this market is at Ijora, midway from Apapa and Lagos island.
  9. Balogun: This is a popular market located in Lagos island. It is surrounded by other markets. You can find food products, house hold ware, clothing, office equipment etc. It is a one stop market.
  10. Bariga: Live cat fish, vegetables, grains, cassava flakes (garri), Yam flour, beef, frozen food, fruits and fresh fish. Things in this market as well as the others on this list are moderately priced.

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