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In the heart of Lagos State,it is a place filled with so much fun & joy. It is a must visit. If not for engaging games but for the opportunity to free one’s self of all the bonds & stress of work & at the same time spend quality time with the family.As as the time, there were no such places that help both parents and children relax outside the home & because of the conductive & lively atmosphere, Nigerians, especially thrill seekers are fond of going there; it is no other place than “The Apapa Amusement Park”.

With Kid’s rides, toys, amusing gaming experiences & 7-D cinemas, Apapa Amusment Park is a great place for kids &parents to unwind. The standard of the park could be compared to other great amusement parks all around the country. It was strategically created & located for all fun loving & fun-seeking individuals.

Of a truth, a whole lot great memories were formed & created at Apapa Amusment Park; & had it still existed, it is still be as lively & fun as it used to be with families coming to relax or celebrate, especially during festive periods.

Address: No.1 Amusmnent Park, Randled Road Apapa, Lagos – Nigeria

Phone: +243 09 031 110077, +243 07 099 960077

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